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Here is a short video showing you the construction technique for a long tuck folding box.

How to Measure a Cardboard Box

It sounds simple but we have a short lesson on how to measure a cardboard box. We always use internal dimensions when measuring our products.

How to Assemble a Self Erecting Case

Nice and easy! Here we show you how to assemble a cardboard box with a four corner glued base.

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A short video explaining how to assemble pallet boxes with a pallet attached

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Often a challenge first time... Here we show you how to assemble die-cut cardboard boxes with ease.

How to start a Cardboard Box Reuse Scheme

Our animated movie shows you how the process works.

How to Assemble a Box & Lid Arrangement

It's often the lid that catches people out! See our 'How To' video, to get it right first time!