How to Brand your Packaging Cost-Effectively

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How to Brand your Packaging Cost-Effectively

Most companies source packaging as cheaply as possible, where others opt for brand new, printed cardboard boxes and end up paying the most for their packaging. 

The main function for branded boxes is to remind the customer of where they bought their product from and associate that company, with their requirements, for future purchases. 

To get the most bang for their buck, companies often purchase plain, once used cardboard boxes and then insert or sellotape a compliments slip to the box. 

Using branded tape, on a once used plain cardboard box also really helps the customer to identify with the brand, You will notice, if you order a product through Amazon, often it will arrive in a plain box, with branded Amazon tape. 

Ask yourself, is there really a need to pay so much more to have my company name printed on the side of a cardboard box?

There are cheaper ways to brand your packaging.

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