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Price Increases in the Corrugated Box Market (Summer 2024)

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Price Increases in the Corrugated Box Market (Summer 2024)

The corrugated box market is currently experiencing a round of significant price increases driven by certain economic factors and industry specific challenges. Key players in the North American market, as well as the European market have announced substantial price hikes recently, with more on the horizon.

Rightly, these price increases have been met with scepticism, given current market conditions. Whilst the UK waited for new leadership, the economy remained stagnant and the removals industry suffered due to mortgage rate inflation. For these reasons we are surprised to see cardboard box manufacturers implementing flat price increases across the board.

These price hikes are a definite cause for concern for businesses operating in a suppressed market. We find the timing of these increases to be highly surprising given current market conditions and weak demand. We’re not just seeing a slump in the corrugated market either, there appears to be a general lack of activity across most of the supply and service sectors in the UK.

Paper producers argue that the recent and proposed future increases throughout 2024 are necessary to maintain profitability, in the face of economic pressures and rising costs. There are expectations of increases of up to 17%, including the recent 5-6% increases we’ve seen from box manufacturers already this Spring.

Prices are set to be elevated across the corrugated market, at least in the short term, which will force businesses to look elsewhere for their packaging requirements.

Sadlers are best placed to help businesses like yours, in times of inflationary pressures. We are the number one in the UK for those looking to reduce their packing costs because our focus is on second-hand and obsolete stock. We have the largest range of used and surplus cartons in the UK and Europe. With over 70 years of experience and a commitment to keeping packaging costs low for our customers, Sadlers are ready to help you fight the incoming barrage of increases. We urge all businesses and sole traders to review their packaging costs in the wake of recent price pressures.

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Lauren Sadler
Lauren Sadler
Lauren is passionate about the circular economy and enjoys writing about packaging, business and sustainability - particularly zero waste and reuse. She gained an Master's degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter and uses her knowledge and research skills to inform and educate others about sustainable packaging choices.
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