Where to buy cardboard boxes

If you are a business you can buy cardboard boxes online from Sadlers. We ship to most addresses in the UK and have a very large range of new and used boxes to cater to a wide range of companies and sectors.

Included in this collection we have new boxes, used boxes, pallet boxes, heavy duty boxes, and a range of sizes from small to large.

Printed boxes

Some of our new and used cartons have a print which may be a logo, a reference number or a product identifier. Many of our customers love these because they offer significant cost savings and demonstrate to their clients that they reuse packaging. Printed boxes are popular with removal companies and ecommerce wholesalers and retailers. Note: we cannot manufacture printed boxes with your branding.

Plain boxes

Many of our boxes are plain, usually brown but sometimes black or white boxes. Used boxes that are plain may sometimes have a label attached – this will be clear in the product photo if applicable.

Different types of corrugated boxes

We don’t baffle customers with technical terms for cardboard corrugation; we developed a simplified system of classification that makes it quick and easy for customers to identify the appropriate box for their needs. Our system is as follows:

  • Single wall – the most basic, ideal for lighter items
  • Strong single wall – a bridge between single wall and double wall. It’s a single wall with a stronger than normal construction
  • Double wall – exactly that – two layers of corrugation
  • Strong double wall – a stronger than normal construction for a double wall box and ideal for heavier items
  • Tri-wall or triple wall – more heavy duty

Other packaging boxes

From time-to-time we sell other types of boxes such as extra heavy duty boxes, BDCM boxes and POS (point-of-sale) boxes. If you need extra strong cartons use the filters on this collection page to show only tri-wall or strong double wall.

Delivery Changes to Postcode

Pallet Delivery Options
Next Day

Spend £125 + VAT for FREE DELIVERY within 5 working days!

Pack Delivery Options
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Collection by appointment only (please call us in advance)

If you are planning to collect you must arrive no later than one hour before closing. The minimum order value for collection is £150.00+VAT, call for more details.

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