This Box Survives a 14 Stone Crush Test!

Product code: AD653 Superb stacking strength - we are so confident about the quality we got a 14 stone man to crush test the box!

The 14 Stone crush test!

One of our all-time favourite cardboard boxes withstands a 14 stone crush test! Made from a robust EB flute, double wall material, this cardboard box is ideal for those packing heavy items or products that need extra protection during transit. Search for product ref - AD653 to order now!

How to measure a cardboard box

All measurements of cardboard boxes, displayed on our website are internal dimensions. All of our cardboard boxes are measured in length, width and height, respectively. Watch the video to see how we do it!

How to Measure a Cardboard Box (LxWxH) How to measure a cardboard box.

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