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Redundant Stock and Surplus Boxes

As well as buying once used cardboard boxes we buy unused redundant stocks. We are looking for large volumes of a wide range of sizes from very small to very large. The boxes can be plain or printed but must be clean, dry and in a reusable condition. For the very best price please provide as much information as possible using the “How to get a quote” section as a guide.

We want your redundant stock and surplus boxes

How to get a quote

In order to get the very best price we need as much information as possible.


Measure the internal dimensions in the order length, width and height.

Board grade

Your original box supplier would have quoted a board grade, if that is not available simply indicate if the boxes are single wall or double wall. This can be determined by the number of flutes (corrugations) that make up the board, one flute is single wall, and two flutes is double wall.

Box type

How are the boxes made, are they of a conventional style where the flaps meet or are they die-cut, self-fold type boxes. Do they have perforated tear-out panels?


Are the boxes printed, do they have an all-over print, a printed reference number on an inner flap, or are they completely plain?


How many boxes do you have of each size and how many pallets are there in total?

Collection point

Where are the boxes stored, we need the post code of the collection point so we can determine the cost of collection.


Before confirming prices we will ask for a sample of each item you have available.

From all of the information provided we will be able to calculate our offer price.