Cardboard Layer Pads

Sadlers have the cheapest range of cardboard layer pads or cardboard sheets, in the UK.

What are cardboard layer pads used for?

Layer pads can be used to stabilise goods on a pallet. By using one layer pad per layer, friction is created between the layers of product which in turn, stabilises the pallet. They can also be used to protect finished goods from damage during transit.

Far cheaper than cardboard corrugated rolls, they can be manipulated to protect goods in exactly the same way. They are useful if placed on the top of a stack of items when using pallet strapping to secure the load as they protect the goods from being cut into from the strap.

Protective sheets aren't only used when stacking goods on a pallet; they can also be used in smaller boxes to prevent goods from knocking against each other when being shipped from A to B. They are very easy to score and break down into smaller pieces where necessary.

Where to buy cardboard sheets

Buying from Sadlers means not only saving money on your packing operations but also using a more environmentally-friendly option by purchasing used or surplus sheets instead of new ones. It's imperative that we extend the life of every item in order to reduce waste and to reduce our impact on the environment. Sadlers specialises in used and redundant packing products to help businesses become more sustainable.

If you have a large weekly or monthly requirement for cardboard layer pads we occasionally offer discounted prices for bulk orders. So, contact one our team if layer pads are essential to your business.

Types of cardboard sheets

A typical sheet is large and made with a single wall corrugation. We have recently introduced a solid board alternative to the collection as another option when deciding how best to pack products on a pallet or in your boxes. Layer pads are extremely popular and we do our best to keep as many choices of size in stock. A popular size of cardboard sheet is 1200mm x 1000mm or approx. 47" x 39" to fit a pallet.

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