Shipping Boxes

If you sell products online, it is highly unlikely that every single customer will collect, or any at all! Therefore, mail order companies and e-commerce business have to ship their goods speedily and as cheaply as possible.

Low cost quality boxes for export

Our range of new and used cardboard shipping boxes mostly comprises of new and used double wall boxes. As we all know, double wall boxes offer that extra protection from the stresses of transit. Used boxes offer additional cost savings for the budget-conscious packaging buyer. There is also a lower carbon footprint associated with second hand boxes which is attractive to logistics and supply chain companies.

Examples of shipping boxes

We have a great once used shipping box that we stock on a regular basis. A large cardboard box, made from an incredibly strong double wall material, which fits two across on a standard pallet quite nicely. Our product ref AA994 is used by many companies that have a requirement to ship goods abroad too. In comparison to the cost of brand new pallet boxes, this box offers huge savings and has a much smaller effect on the environment too! We also have a fantastic triple wall box, product reference AG933 which is capable of transporting very heavy goods.

Heavy duty cardboard boxes

From time-to-time we sell heavy duty shipping boxes which are usually triwall boxes with stitching or staples for extra strength. If we have any of these available to buy you will find them in this collection which is specially curated for shipping in the UK and internationally.

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Collection by appointment only (please call us in advance)

If you are planning to collect you must arrive no later than one hour before closing. The minimum order value for collection is £150.00+VAT, call for more details.

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