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Cardboard Box Reuse

Recycling is no longer sufficient, we must reuse as much of our waste as possible. Diverting used boxes from recycling to reuse is the best all-round solution for your cardboard waste. The process increases revenue, reduces costs, reduces waste and is great for the environment. Cardboard box reuse is the responsible way to treat packaging waste, here’s why:
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Environmental Impact

Divert cardboard boxes to reuse and push the material further up the waste hierarchy, whilst reducing demand for energy and resource.

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Why bale boxes that can be reused?

Millions of tonnes of perfectly good boxes are baled, pulped and then made back into cardboard boxes, producing exactly what was started with.

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Guaranteed increased revenue

Cardboard box reuse provides a substantially improved financial return, with prices guaranteed for up to three years.

See How It Works...

Cardboard box reuse involves the segregation of once used boxes from factory generated waste cardboard.

What is it?


Cardboard box reuse involves segregating once used boxes from factory generated waste cardboard. The process is easy to implement and involves very little change to established disposal processes.

Why should I do it?


The scheme will provide a substantially higher financial return than any other waste cardboard disposal process as well as reducing costs by omitting the baling process. Also diverting to reuse de-classifies the material as waste.

How does it help the environment?


For every sale of once used cardboard box the demand for new boxes is reduced which in turn reduces the demand for paper and energy. After reuse the box is still recyclable so the material can be reprocessed into paper after second use.

Is it costly?


No, there is no investment required and there are no collection charges. Onsite storage containers will be provided free of hire charges subject to volume.

Are prices fixed?


Yes, we can guarantee prices for at least twelve months regardless of any fluctuations in market prices.

Are all boxes reuseable?


No unfortunately not, we do not buy odd sizes (shallow or narrow) and we only buy boxes that are available in large quantities on a regular basis. We do not buy mixed batches of boxes (i.e. supermarket waste).

What happens next?


After an initial site visit we will provide free advice and consultancy and make recommendations on how to implement a cardboard box reuse scheme. We will make written proposals and cost savings projections with the view to undertaking a pilot scheme to demonstrate the potential profits. After that a written offer will be submitted with a commitment to a fixed price agreement.

Why should I use Sadlers?


We are one of the largest and longest established cardboard box reuse specialists in the UK. A family run company dedicated to providing the very best service at extremely competitive rates. Our extensive warehouse complex and large transport fleet enable us to cope efficiently with high volume producers.

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