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recycling for environmental benefits

Cardboard Box Reuse

Recycling is no longer sufficient, we must reuse as much of our waste as possible. Diverting used boxes from recycling to reuse is the best all-round solution for your cardboard waste. The process increases revenue, reduces costs, reduces waste and is great for the environment. Cardboard box reuse is the responsible way to treat packaging waste, here’s why:


Environmental Impact
Divert cardboard boxes to reuse and push the material further up the waste hierarchy, whilst reducing demand for energy and resource.


Why bale boxes that can be reused? Millions of tonnes of perfectly good boxes are baled, pulped and then made back into cardboard boxes, producing exactly what was started with.


Guaranteed increased revenue
Cardboard box reuse provides a substantially improved financial return, with prices guaranteed for up to three years.


Provide us with your information to get the very best price


Please note we do not purchase low volumes of cardboard boxes. We generally require a minimum of 500 - 1000 units of each size of cardboard box, depending on the size.

Unfortunately we cannot purchase boxes from domestic removals, shops or very low volumes.


Cardboard box reuse involves the segregation of once used boxes from factory generated waste cardboard.

How to Sell to Us

Make up the box and measure the internal dimensions in the order length (front to back), width (side to side) and height (top to bottom).
Board Grade
Let us know if the boxes are single wall or double wall. This can be determined by the number of flutes (corrugations) that make up the board, one flute is single wall and two flutes are double wall. If you are unsure send us a photo.
Are the boxes printed, do they have an all-over print, a printed reference number on an inner flap, or are they completely plain? Are there any unusual features such as a die-cut bases, hand holes in end panels, flaps not meeting etc.
How many boxes do you have of each size and how many pallets are there in total? If you are looking to initiate a reuse scheme tell us how many of each size you generate on a monthly basis.
Collection Point
Where are the boxes located? We need the post code of the collection point so we can determine the most cost effective transportation method.
Before confirming prices we may ask you for samples. When they are available give us a call and we will arrange for one of our sales representatives to call in and collect.