The Drinks Manufacturer

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The Drinks Manufacturer


A drinks manufacturer with factories all over the world had a particular problem with cardboard waste at its sites in the UK. Glass bottles were delivered to site on pallets and each pallet contained layers of bottles which were separated by a pallet sized cardboard pad. The pads were too large to fit their cardboard baler so they were dumped loose in a waste skip. In this form they had very little value.


After taking samples Sadlers managed to create a reuse market for the pads. The client’s fully automated manufacturing process automatically collated the pads onto pallets so there was no work to do in terms of segregation and sortation. The client’s vast warehouse space was sufficient to accumulate a large enough load for a collection to be viable.


Revenue was quadrupled while the client experienced very little change to their processes. Again, cardboard waste was diverted to reuse.