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Cardboard Box Recycling and Reuse - The Options

The principles of recycling have been around for a long time both at home and in the workplace. When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products reducing the need to consume natural resources. For companies who generate large volumes of cardboard waste there are several options for disposal.

How to dispose of cardboard waste: a guide for business

Cardboard Box Reuse

This is the ultimate disposal route. The process will generate a substantial financial return (much higher than baled waste) that is guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months regardless of market price fluctuations. It requires little or no financial investment and there are no collection charges. Onsite storage containers are provided free of hire charges subject to volume. Cardboard Box Reuse is one of the finest examples of recycling and reuse there is today. Find out more

Waste Paper Company

The most popular route used to be through a waste paper company, but more and more people are becoming aware of reuse now. They accept loose cardboard delivered directly to their depot but often the cost of transport is greater than the financial return. Provided there is sufficient volume they will supply an onsite storage container but will probably charge for the service. An environmentally friendly disposal route but costly.

Paper Mill

Selling waste cardboard directly to a paper mill requires a very substantial investment in a baling machine to produce bales of a weight and size acceptable to the mill. This process will generate an improved financial return but the investment required negates any potential profit in the short to medium term. Another environmentally friendly disposal route but requires substantial investment. This should only be considered if your cardboard waste is very mixed and often damaged or wet.


Landfill is extremely costly and definitely not environmentally friendly. Landfill should never be an option. Cardboard is a very versatile material and very easy to recycle; there are many disposal options so landfill should not be considered under any circumstances. Ultimately this disposal route is not viable and not worth considering.