Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are used for shipping, moving and storage of bulk quantities of goods. They are sometimes referred to as bulk boxes for this reason.

Do pallet boxes come with wooden pallets?

They are sold either with pallets or without, and in standard or europa pallet box size, offering plenty of options to buy. Unless otherwise stated, our pallet boxes are made from double wall corrugated board. Occasionally we sell tri wall boxes, used pallet boxes and octabins, so be sure to check our entire range regularly and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

What size is a pallet box?

The two main size of pallet box are 1190mm x 990mm x 910mm for standard and 1160mm x 760mm x 840mm for Europa / euro.

How do you assemble a pallet box?

Some of our product pages contain videos on how to pack and assemble a pallet box. Two examples are:

  • BE165 - includes a video showing how to assemble a pallet box and attach it to a pallet
  • XX030 – includes a video showing how to assemble a pallet box with a pallet that is already attached

Are there other styles of pallet box?

Yes, other than regular pallet boxes we also have open side pallet boxes that come with a removable easy-access panel which helps with stacking and unpacking goods. Both product pages noted below include a video showing how simple they are to use.

In addition to these, we have used octabins with lids and bases - XX134

Questions and answers

All of your questions about these boxes are answered on our blog, including videos showing how to assemble a pallet box.

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