Pallet Boxes

If you have no choice but to ship your products on wooden pallets, one way of adding that extra protection during transit is to use cardboard pallet boxes. Our low cost pallet box range will offer you the protection you need and peace of mind. Once your goods have left your building, to a certain degree, they are out of your control. Businesses need to minimise the risk of product damage, so pallet boxes can be essential to a company’s operation.

We offer various types of pallet boxes, including the standard (1200 x 1000) and euro sizes (1200 x 800) which are used by the majority. If you have a requirement for wooden pallets too, we offer our pallet boxes with a once-used pallet, offering large cost savings.

Goods that need to be exported, often are required to be packaged on heat treated pallets. We have a range of heat treated pallet boxes available that will help you comply with export regulations. Made from a robust double wall material, easy to assemble and competitively priced…be sure to take a good look at our pallet box range!

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