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How to Avoid Damages When Packing and Shipping

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How to Avoid Damages When Packing and Shipping

Delivering goods in cardboard boxes often relies on the careful, steady hand of a courier or parcel carrier. Often during transit, parcels get thrown around and fragile labels get ignored, resulting in damaged products and dissatisfied customers. 

How can you avoid damages when packing and shipping goods?

  1. Wrap the item in packing paper 
  2. Use cardboard boxes that fit the products or items well. Too much empty space in a box is a recipe for disaster as the product can move around and any impacts will increase the potential for breakages. 
  3. Fill any voids with bubble wrap
  4. Stretch Wrap the parcel or pallet for extra security, particularly if there are multiple items to be shipped together or a large pallet of items that could move around if not secured in this way
  5. Insure your parcels or use a carrier that offers insurance as part of their service

Damages do happen but it is important to minimise the risk of damage as best you can. Customer complaints are often costly and time consuming to deal with. Choosing the right packaging boxes means you can avoid any issues occurring as much as possible so that damages and breakages don't eat into your profits.

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