How to Pack for Moving Day

07 February 2019

How to Pack for Moving Day

Moving house is a stressful business...

How am I going to pack up all my stuff? How many boxes do I need? What size boxes do I need? The list goes on...

We have some top tips for packing for moving house below. 

  1. Pack early! It takes time to pack and organise household items. Taping and labelling cardboard boxes on moving day is by no means ideal and will only add stress to the day. 
  2. Start packing up rooms you use least often! The dining room? Under the stairs? start out by packing up items that are not going to be used before you move house. 
  3. Pack one room at a time! Trying to pack up multiple rooms can give you a real headache. Start a room, then finish it, before moving onto the next. 
  4. Do not overload boxes! The last thing anybody needs is a bad back just in time for moving day. Try not to put more than 15kg into a cardboard box, to avoid unnecessary injuries. 
  5. Fine clothes? Use Wardrobe Cartons! We all have our prized possessions, for some they are fine garments. Avoid creases and damage by using conventional hanging garment boxes (wardrobe boxes). Complete with a plastic hanging rail, they are very easy to use. 
  6. Fill in the Gaps! Do not pack items and leave empty space inside each cardboard box. This can cause the cardboard box to crush and potentially damage your items. 
  7. Load the heaviest boxes onto the van first! Stacking heavy boxes on top of light boxes means only one thing...crush damage!
  8. Label every box. There is nothing worse than arriving at your shiny new home and second guessing where to put all of your boxed up possessions. Labelling by room is okay but you can actually list items in each box too for extra sanity!

Those are our top 8 tips for packing for moving day. We hope you have a stress-free move!