Baled cardboard rate increase: what you should know

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Baled cardboard rate increase: what you should know

Baled cardboard prices have fluctuated wildly in the last year. A few months ago, baled rates were at an all time low, forcing companies to seek urgent alternatives. For quality reusable boxes, the best alternative is the Sadlers cardboard box reuse scheme. We offer higher rates than baling, we'll collect the material and it's better for the environment at the same time.

But haven't baled rates shot up again?

Due to the coronavirus crisis that has seen a reduction in recycling and an interruption to supply chains, there has been a knock-on effect which has pushed up the value of baled cardboard in the last six weeks. However, these sudden price fluctuations make for very uncertain trading for the waste industry. As soon as more businesses begin reopening and trading starts to return to normal, baled rates are likely to drop again due to an influx of material.

Is baling better than diverting to reuse right now though, due to the price increase?

No, we are still able to offer more cash for reusable boxes, and reuse is still the more sustainable and responsible option too so it ticks all the boxes, both economic and environmental. 

How can the waste paper industry find more stability and certainty?

When we buy cardboard boxes for the reuse market, we are able to offer fixed rates for the long term. This allows companies to:

  • more accurately forecast income from waste
  • have the peace of mind that prices won't drop suddenly
  • free up time to focus on development in other areas of the business

What kind of cardboard waste can be diverted to reuse by Sadlers?

Typically we look for large volumes of reusable cardboard boxes; this can be either one-offs or a regular supply. We accept plain or printed boxes, with the conventional flaps at the top and bottom. The boxes can be used or redundant - we have a healthy market for both.

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