Media reports cardboard box shortage

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Media reports cardboard box shortage

It was reported last week in the media that due to the pressures caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, recycling collections have been halted in some areas just as home deliveries have increased, leading to the disposal of cardboard into landfill or incinerators. Without a supply of waste paper and cardboard, the manufacture of cardboard boxes is being disrupted on a large scale.

'The Recycling Association said it has huge concerns about a looming European and even worldwide shortage of fibre – used paper and cardboard – which is used to manufacture millions of cardboard boxes essential for food and medical supplies distribution', The Guardian reports. 

It continues, 'Fibre recycling is a global market and materials flow across Europe and the world, but the lockdown means physical barriers are increasingly springing up to prevent this distribution.'

Now more than ever it is imperative that quality second hand cardboard boxes are reused to relieve some of the pressure on the newly manufactured box market.