How to buy cardboard boxes responsibly

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How to buy cardboard boxes responsibly

If you work in a business that needs to buy cardboard boxes on a regular basis you might be wondering how you can do so in a way that meets the needs of the business, for example the requirement to keep costs as low as possible, with the least amount of damage to the environment.

Buy used boxes

That’s where used boxes come in. When you buy cardboard boxes that are once-used or surplus stock, you prevent those boxes from going to waste. The resources needed to manufacture those cardboard boxes are vast; you’re saving vital water, fuel, energy and CO2 emissions by choosing used.

Cheap cardboard boxes

Often you’ll find in the consumer marketplace that ethically sourced or environmentally-friendly products are more expensive, but the opposite is true of this sustainable solution. Used boxes are cheaper as well as more eco-friendly. Who’d have thought?

Sacrificing quality?

Would buying once-used cardboard boxes reduce the quality of the outer packaging? Absolutely not. We hand-sort every box that comes through our doors. If a box is damaged we recycle it, and everything else that passes our rigorous checks goes out to customers.

If you are ready to buy cardboard boxes responsibly, browse our full range now, or use the menu to skip straight to used boxes only.