How to assemble a cardboard box (& more videos)

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How to assemble a cardboard box (& more videos)

We have been creating how-to videos on YouTube for over 5 years and they have become increasingly popular, helping us to understand what our customers want and how we can help.

With nearly 50,000 video views, we're the go-to channel for anything cardboard box related. Our videos on self-locking bases and box measurements have been particularly popular over the years, as customers are keen to find convenient and efficient packaging solutions and quick ways to determine their packaging requirements. Sometimes it's not easy knowing what type of box you need, but we aim to make it as clear and simple as possible. We also include box reference codes on our videos so that if a box looks suitable you can find it easily using the box finder search bar on our homepage.

Take a look at some of our most popular videos below, starting with the basics:

How to measure a cardboard box

How to assemble a cardboard box with a self-locking base

How to assemble a pallet box

How to assemble an archive box

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