If you have boxes to sell, read this first!

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If you have boxes to sell, read this first!

The Packaging Portal reports a challenging first 6 months for UK recycling in the recovered fibre sector, seeing a drop in supply and demand and therefore prices.

The website reports, 'A combination of both falling supply and demand has suppressed prices to levels we haven’t seen for many years. This supply and demand has been driven by a weakening global economy, but we have also seen an increase in regulations on imports from key destinations... With 2018 seeing OCC prices regularly above £100, the year started with prices ranging from a more normal range of £85 to £95. By May, the OCC price had slumped to £50 per tonne.' [Read more here]

This is in contrast to the value of cardboard recovered for reuse - the price we pay is always higher than baled and our prices are fixed for the long term, taking away any concern over fluctuations in the market.

If you were thinking of baling and selling your used cardboard boxes to be recycled then think again! If you have boxes to sell, the most sustainable and profitable route is reuse.

To avoid fluctuations and uncertainty, speak to Sadlers about diverting your used boxes to the reuse market where we have a healthy and growing demand. Call us on 0121 772 5200.