Collecting our Zero Waste Award in London

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Collecting our Zero Waste Award in London

Back in June this year we announced we had won a Zero Waste Award for our efforts to divert used cardboard boxes to reuse and enable others to reach their net zero waste targets as a result [see: We won a zero waste award, 11 June 2021].

These awards are a little different than ones like the Awards for Excellence; winners were announced before a ceremony rather than at an event, and then winners gathered together in November to collect their awards and network with other companies doing amazing things in the waste and circular economy spheres.

The winners’ luncheon was held in London last month and I attended on behalf of everyone at Sadlers to collect our award.

We were commended for our role in alleviating supply chain problems during the first two waves of the coronavirus pandemic. Our zero waste business, buying and selling used cardboard boxes, meant that a good supply of packaging could continue despite shutdowns in box manufacturing.

While major manufacturers ran out of stock, we had a continuous supply of material and managed to keep prices on used boxes low despite industry-wide rises. This opened people's eyes to the possibility for sustainable, green businesses to thrive.

For this reason we were awarded with a Zero Waste Award and were proud to have been recognised.

Lauren Sadler at Zero Waste Awards standing with the sponsors

Image above: Lauren Sadler collecting the award from the event sponsors on behalf of everyone at Sadlers

While there I got chatting with some really interesting people from different types of companies. The only 5 star winners in attendance were Oddbox, a company selling odd-shaped veg in weekly boxes to prevent food going to waste. I had a fascinating chat with them about the expansion of the company and noticed their ads on the tube when I left the event. They’re clearly going places!

Another fantastic company at the awards was Ananas-anam who won the award for their sustainable fabric Pinatex made from the discarded leaves of the pineapple once the fruit has been harvested. As the leaves are normally considered a waste product, this company has been able to ensure that the whole plant can be used, not just the fruit. I really enjoyed learning about their business and wish them lots of success for the future.

I also enjoyed talking to the sponsors and hosts of the event who were genuinely thrilled to be around people who care about building a circular economy.

I collected our certificate and brought it safely back to Birmingham where it is now proudly displayed on the wall for all to see.

Here is the full list of Zero Waste Awards recipients that year:

Five-star winners

Bundlee (Retail & Leisure)

MandM Direct Ltd (Retail & Leisure)

ODDBOX (Food & Beverage, Retail & Leisure)

Four-star winners

CHC Waste Facilities Management Ltd (Waste and Recycling)

Crown Workspace (Office & Commercial)

Dixons Carphone plc (Retail & Leisure)

Eco Colab Limited (Hospitality)

Fanfare Label (Retail & Leisure)

Future Now Guatemala (Retail & Leisure)

KOMBAN (Food & Beverage)

London Borough of Havering (Waste and Recycling)

London Borough of Hackney (Waste and Recycling)

Freedom Group (Construction, Waste and Recycling)

Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust (Healthcare, Hospitality)

ODS – Oxford City Council (Office & Commercial, Waste and Recycling)

Pentatonic (Education, Waste and Recycling)

Ready Egg Products Ltd (Industrial, Food and Beverage)

Sadlers Carton Stockholders Ltd (Industrial, Waste and Recycling)

Waddington Europe (Industrial, Food and Beverage)

Three-star winners

Ananas-anam ltd (Industrial, Office & Commercial)

envoPAP (Industrial, Waste and Recycling)

Greyparrot (Waste and Recycling)

Helipads For Hospitals (Waste and Recycling)

Mitie Waste & Environmental (Food & Beverage)

Nomura International & ISS Facilities Services (Office & Commercial)

Qualis Flow (Construction)

SMB Records Management Ltd (Office and Commercial)

Toughsheet building Products (Construction, Waste and Recycling)

UBQ Materials (Industrial, Waste and Recycling)

University of Bristol (Education)

Two-star winners

Buckinghamshire Council (Education, Waste and Recycling)

DIEM (Industrial)

East Ayrshire Council (Waste and Recycling)

OSL Rail (Construction)

Recofloor Ltd (Construction)


Lauren Sadler author

Author: Lauren Sadler | MSc Sustainable Development

Bio: Lauren is passionate about the circular economy and enjoys writing about packaging, business and sustainability - particularly zero waste and reuse.