Cardboard box reuse - what's it all about?

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Cardboard box reuse - what's it all about?

Here's a handy guide to explain why our cardboard box reuse scheme REDUCEs environmental impact, REUSEs quality material and REWARDs with guaranteed increased revenue. With prices for baled cardboard at an all-time low, there's never been a better time to sell second hand cardboard boxes to be re-used instead.

The following information is taken from our Cardboard Box Reuse page.

What is it?

Cardboard box reuse involves segregating once-used boxes from factory generated waste cardboard. The process is easy to implement and involves very little change to established disposal processes.

Why should I do it?

The scheme will provide a substantially higher financial return than any other waste cardboard disposal process as well as reducing costs by omitting the baling process. Also diverting to reuse de-classifies the material as waste.

Is it costly?

No, there is no investment required and there are no collection charges. Onsite storage containers will be provided free of hire charges subject to volume.

Are prices fixed?

Yes, we can guarantee prices for at least twelve months regardless of any fluctuations in market prices.

How does it help the environment?

For every sale of once used cardboard box the demand for new boxes is reduced which in turn reduces the demand for paper and energy. After reuse the box is still recyclable so the material can be reprocessed into paper after second use.

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