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Used octabins are back in stock! Find out more...

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Used octabins are back in stock! Find out more...

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new supply of low cost used octabins. These are a fantastic addition to our stock list.

Take a look at our product ref. XX134Used Triple Wall Octabins measuring 1115mm x 950mm x 1080mm or 43.9" x 37.4" x 42.5"

used octabin without lid for demonstration purposes

Here is an image of our used octabin without a lid, for demonstration purposes. The boxes are sold with lids and bases. The image below is a shot taken from above looking down into the cardboard storage bin.

inside an octabin looking from above

The image below shows a close up of the tri-wall construction to show its strength.

close up of triple wall cardboard box octobin

Here’s an FAQ about this different style of pallet box in case it’s all new to you.

What are octabins?

Octabins are an octagonal-shaped pallet box – a large cardboard box designed to be loaded onto a pallet for storage or shipping.

What are octabins used for?

Octabins have a wide range of uses, similar to pallet boxes. They are often used to store and transport large, heavy and bulky items. They are popular with industrial and agricultural businesses, as well as general wholesalers. Construction materials like sand are a good example of a product that is stored and shipped in octabins.

Do Sadlers octobins come with pallets?

No, we offer our octabins without pallets. This makes them a low cost option. We encourage businesses to use second hand pallets they may already have in their warehouses and storage facilities.

What is the height of an octabin?

Our octabins measure 1080mm, or 42.5 inches in height.

Can you stack octabins?

Yes, octabins are designed to be stacked. Our octabins are a heavy duty triple wall construction with stitching and therefore very strong.

Are octabins always made from cardboard?

No, you can buy wooden or steel octobins as well as cardboard ones. Cardboard is the cheapest option, but still provides excellent strength and durability.

Are octabins environmentally friendly?

Our used octabins are extremely environmentally friendly. Not only is cardboard recyclable, it’s also reusable. We specialise in used cardboard boxes like these ones because they are the low-cost, eco-friendly choice.

Do they come flat packed or made up?

Our octabin sleeves, bases and lids come flat packed on a pallet and are easy to assemble.


We hope this has been a helpful rundown to celebrate our new supply of these fantastic storage and transport options.

If you are looking to buy low cost octobins or pallet boxes take a look at our full range of pallet boxes.


Lauren Sadler
Lauren Sadler
Lauren is passionate about the circular economy and enjoys writing about packaging, business and sustainability - particularly zero waste and reuse. She gained an Master's degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter and uses her knowledge and research skills to inform and educate others about sustainable packaging choices.
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