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UK's cardboard shortages make international news

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UK's cardboard shortages make international news

Cardboard shortages have been big news lately, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. We're seeing price increases from board manufacturers happen every few weeks lately, and they are not insignificant raises. For an analysis on why this is happening please see our blog post entitled 'Is there really another cardboard box shortage'? 

Last month we were thrilled to welcome Reuters journalist Chloe Wang to Sadlers. She was investigating news of cardboard box shortages and wanted to delve deeper into how it’s affecting companies in the UK, with an interest in how future shocks can be prevented - such as with wider adoption of cardboard box reuse.

Chloe Z. Wang reporting for CCTV
Above: Chloe Z. Wang reports on cardboard shortages and used boxes
Mike Sadler, Managing Director
Above: Mike Sadler, Managing Director of Sadlers, explaining the impacts of the shortages

It was a pleasure talking to Chloe and seeing our approach to the problem picked up in the international media.

cardboard shortages report on CCTV

The prices for newly manufactured cardboard boxes have a gloomy outlook for the coming year. That’s why we are so well placed to help ease the pressures in the market.

We divert used boxes to the reuse market in huge volumes, buying boxes from large companies and selling them in quantities suitable for medium and small businesses. This allows large companies to gain greater returns on their waste while providing cheaper packaging for others.

Reusing boxes extends the lifetime of a box significantly and keeps quality packaging in circulation. The more boxes can be reused, the more of a buffer is in place when shocks to the supply chain like this occur. If you have a large and regular supply of once-used boxes please get in touch to see how we can enable them to be reused.


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