There's never been a better time to divert cardboard boxes to reuse

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There's never been a better time to divert cardboard boxes to reuse

As the value of waste cardboard has dropped dramatically in recent months, companies are scrambling to find an alternative revenue source as they try to limit their losses.

There is a solution from Sadlers that offers both financial and environmental benefits. We work with large producers of once-used boxes to divert the waste material to the reuse market. The Sadlers Cardboard Box Reuse Scheme, the biggest and most successful scheme of its kind in the UK, offers higher rates than paper mills and fixed rates for the long term, meaning that global fluctuations in price have no impact on the value of reusable cardboard boxes if they are suitable for the scheme.

The market for second hand boxes is thriving and reuse offers environmental benefits at a time when supply chain sustainability is at the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

The shocking fact is that when boxes are baled and pulped, they often end up being manufactured into boxes again. This should always be the last resort, saved only for damaged and mixed cardboard waste.

Sadlers was established in 1952, originally trading in used tea chests and wartime ammunition boxes. Since switching to cardboard we have diverted millions of boxes to the reuse market, working with waste suppliers to ensure the process of segregation and collection is a more efficient and beneficial solution than any alternative.

In uncertain times for global waste, reuse schemes such as this one offer a chance for homegrown companies to lead the way in providing sustainable solutions.

“You’d be surprised how many companies want to use second hand boxes to pack and ship products and it’s because they can be more sustainable while saving money in the process” said Mike Sadler, Managing Director. “Some manufacturers have really embraced reuse and are seeing huge benefits, but many aren’t even aware of the possibilities and we’d like to change that.”

We believe that overseas import bans and a downturn in waste prices will bring a greater awareness of how waste is processed, and will result in companies actively seeking a more reliable alternative to managing their cardboard waste.

For more information about the Sadlers Cardboard Box Reuse Scheme go to our reuse page or call 0121 772 5200.