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Innovative packaging solutions for 2019

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Innovative packaging solutions for 2019

Packaging Gateway cites five examples of companies leading the way in product packaging innovation; some are old favourites and some are newer companies forging a path for themselves. Tetra Pak for example not only innovates in packaging design for products like juices but also in sustainable packaging, developing its product packaging design from bioplastics derived from sugar cane.

Newer on the environmentally-conscious consumer product scene is CanO Water providing, you’ve guessed it, canned water to eliminate the use of single-use plastics.

Also new in the market is Smol, a company developing eco laundry products. Smol currently uses recycled plastics and 100% recycled Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved board packaging designed to be watertight to protect its water soluble laundry capsules. Their ambitions are to move towards fully biodegradable packaging materials such as corn and potato-based ‘plastics’. To add to their environmental credentials, Smol could also divert any once-used cardboard boxes from their manufacturing and shipping process to the reuse market without the unnecessary step of pulping it down.

Plant-based plastics aren’t new; PLA (polylactic acid) catering consumables have been around for a while now. However, innovation is required to produce more stable versions of alternative packaging - PLA for example melts at high temperatures so don’t store your PLA cups in a car during summer or you’ll have none left!

Innovation is key for driving the economy forward through uncertainty and environmental challenges. But the humble cardboard box has a lot to offer, and will always be used in large quantities to package and transport products after manufacturing. Sadlers buy cardboard boxes from mass producers of cardboard waste and sell those boxes at affordable prices to UK businesses; it’s a simple model but is innovative because the default thought process is often to recycle, i.e. pulp the boxes and reuse the pulped material. Box reuse removes that energy-intensive middle step.

Mike Sadler, Managing Director of Sadlers Cartons says, “There are many ways to innovate in our industry that don’t necessarily require big product launches. The products we sell at Sadlers haven’t changed an awful lot over the years but the benefits of buying second hand cardboard boxes have become more desirable as new challenges emerge.”

When it comes to packaging there are plenty of sustainable routes to take and we look forward to seeing the trend for alternative and environmentally-friendly solutions increase in specialist product design. And when those products need to be packed up and shipped to sell, we're on hand to provide boxes for all requirements.

And as we have done for the past 67 years, Sadlers will continue to divert cardboard waste to reuse, providing producers with a good revenue stream and a reduction in waste. Customers save money on their packaging purchases and help the environment in the process. Whatever the requirement, our quality used boxes will get that product to your customer safely and competitively.

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