Box prices are set to rise sharply again - find out why

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Box prices are set to rise sharply again - find out why

We received some information last week that the terrible situation in Ukraine is forcing European paper mills to close or increase prices due to energy costs which have risen sharply (they are heavily reliant on Russian energy).

This rise in the cost of paper that we are seeing at the moment is unprecedented in the history of paper increases and it looks very likely that the next few weeks will see the price of boxes rise by 25-30%.

With that in mind, we advise that you build as much stock as possible to avoid the increases. We will be doing the same to try and keep up with demand.

There is also the option to switch to used boxes if you haven't already done so. To see whether we have a suitable alternative for you, use the box finder on our homepage to enter your desired dimensions and you will see the closest matches available. 

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