Beware! Paper price increases signal uncertain times

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Beware! Paper price increases signal uncertain times

After a very long period of stability the price of new cardboard boxes looks likely to rise as box manufacturers look to recover the increased costs of buying paper.

This could well be the thin end of the wedge as the weakening pound may force further increases in the coming months.

Price increases are never welcome so why not review your packaging requirements, for instance do your really need to pack your products in brand new boxes?

If you are looking to ship your products as cheaply as possible why not pack in used boxes? We carry a huge range of sizes in a variety of board grades so we may have a much cheaper alternative to what you are buying at the moment. What’s more, The Producer Responsibility Obligations suggest that for buyers of used boxes (packaging), there is no obligation to recycle so in principle there is no levy to pay on tonnages of used packaging purchased.

Check out our range of used boxes and start saving money now!