Boxes for Moving House

Moving house or office is no doubt stressful. The last thing you need to worry about is cardboard boxes! We offer a range of new and used cardboard boxes that are ideal for packing anything from books, to bedding, to just about anything you will find in your home or office.

Removal companies need boxes like any other business needs staff! More and more, we find removal companies across the country are opting to use our used boxes range, in a bid to keep costs down and offer their customers their lowest prices possible. We are fast becoming the favourite cardboard box company for removals. For individual customers looking for their own moving boxes we offer a large house moving boxes kit.

Best boxes for removals trade

Removal boxes need to be strong and good quality, but they don’t need to be pristine or brand new. The best removal boxes are good quality double wall boxes, plain or printed, in sizes that are most appropriate for moving house. Removal companies love used moving boxes and don’t mind a print if it saves them money! We also have some boxes categorized as ‘strong single wall’ which are very close to a double wall and used often for house moves. Anything deemed appropriate for moving will be within the collection here.

The most popular removal boxes are:

  • Large moving boxes - our most popular large removal box is strong, available on regular supply and a fraction of the cost of a brand new box. The box measures 590mm x 445mm x 420mm (product ref AG380). Anything bigger than this would definitely require two people to lift it, particularly if it’s heavy.
  • Medium removal boxes - a popular medium sized box would be around 400mm in length with fairly similar width and height or an equivalent overall volume. Medium boxes can be used to pack glasses and crockery, padded out with lighter items like tea towels.
  • Book boxes – our best book boxes (product ref AD653)are available seasonally. If this box is out of stock, use the box finder to search for the same dimensions and our closes matches will be revealed. Book boxes need to be strong and compact – a large box would become too heavy when packed with books. A box measuring somewhere in the region of 380mm x 250mm x 265mm is great for books.
  • Wardrobe boxes – these are a fantastic way to store and transport clothing on hangers to avoid creases. The hanger bars are included with the box. Customers love these because their clothing remains organized and unpacking is easy when you can simply transfer clothes from the box to the wardrobe.
  • Archive boxes – popular boxes for office moves, particularly if office papers and items need to be stored for a while. The lids make it easy to access everything inside when needed.

What removals and storage professionals say about Sadlers

Bassy’s Removals: “Always a great service from Sadlers.”

Kavanagh Brothers Bedford Removals and Storage: “Been using Sadlers for over 5 years and can't fault their service. We buy used and new boxes and always good quality and great prices.”

MidWales Storage: “Have been ordering from Sadlers for a number of years, easy to order online and always prompt delivery and great customer service.” 

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