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Why Sadlers?

We are Specialist Suppliers of Cardboard Boxes

Sadlers are stockists of cardboard boxes with an extensive range in a wide variety of sizes and board grades. Whether you are looking to buy small quantities or truck loads we have the product range to suit all budgets. Specialist suppliers of used cardboard boxes, Sadlers can help reduce your packaging costs with quality products at low prices. Our competitively priced stock of brand new boxes completes the range. Whatever your requirements we have a box for you!


Looking for Used Cardboard Boxes?
When looking for boxes most people choose the made-to-measure option from a box manufacturer or the brand new box option from a box stockist. In many instances the boxes are required to ship products from A to B as cheaply as possible so why buy expensive new boxes when there is a cheaper alternative?


Sadlers are specialist suppliers of used cardboard boxes, we have a wide range of sizes printed and plain, all available substantially cheaper than brand new boxes. All are sorted and graded to the highest standard and many are available on a regular basis.

From an Environmental point of view packing your products in used cardboard boxes is the ultimate reuse option, for each used box packed one less new box is packed thus reducing the demand for paper and energy. Also packing in used cardboard boxes may reduce your liabilities under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (packaging waste) Regulations.

Quality New Boxes.
If you require brand new plain boxes look no further, Sadlers have the complete range. From very small to very large, from light quality to heavy duty we have the box for the job!

To save money consider your requirements carefully, for instance there can be a substantial difference in price between single wall and double wall material, how strong does the box need to be? Also when considering your ideal box size look at alternative configurations when packing multiple products in one box. For example packing four layers of one product in one stack may not be the best fit, consider packing two layers of product with two per layer. This could mean a better fit which reduces the box cost and the transportation cost.

Pallet Boxes for Larger Goods
If you have bulky items to ship we have a range of pallet boxes to suit a variety of requirements. For non-export shipping we have low cost pallet boxes which we supply with or without wooden pallets. They are made from a double wall material and the sizes are built around the footprint of a Standard pallet (1200x1000) and a Euro pallet (1200x800).

In addition we have a range of pallet boxes suitable for export, made from a robust double wall material each type includes a heat treated wooden pallet. The corrugated base is stapled to the pallet for all export pallet boxes. Each pallet box is supplied in a knock-down form, the sleeve is folded inside a stapled lid and base set. They are very easily assembled, simply remove the lid, open up the sleeve locating it inside the base then add the lid.

Removal Boxes
Sadlers are specialist suppliers to the removal trade, from conventional removal boxes such as pack 1s, pack 2s, wardrobe boxes to low cost once used alternatives, Sadlers are a one-stop-shop for removal companies.

Check out our range of palletised removal packs which have been originated to appeal to the larger house move projects. Combining a range of box sizes, bubble wrap, wrapping papers and adhesive tape they are designed to be a total packaging solution on a pallet, delivered directly to your customers.