Used Cardboard Boxes

There is no doubt that cardboard boxes can be a drain on company profits. Our range of used cardboard boxes can offer substantial savings and help reduce your packaging costs.

We have a range of used moving boxes available if you are looking to reduce the cost of moving house, along with a range of packing boxes, perfect for mail order companies and any business that sells their products online.

Our boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Single Wall boxes are ideal for packing those lighter, less fragile items. Used as an outer box, they can offer enough protection for goods that are not susceptible to damage, or do not weigh too much. Our double wall boxes enable you to get that extra protection needed, and our used double wall boxes are a fraction of the cost. If you are shipping goods abroad and need a low cost shipping box, our collection offers a range of large used shipping boxes, far cheaper than pallet boxes. All of our used cardboard boxes are great for your wallet and the environment!

Cheap cardboard boxes

People normally find Sadlers when searching for cheap boxes because used cartons offer significant cost savings compared to new. The cheapest packing boxes on the market are second hand boxes and we have the largest range in the UK by far. We are the trusted box suppliers in the industry when it comes to pre-owned and once-used cartons. Some of our products are 50% cheaper than their new equivalent!

The environmental benefits of box reuse

When you choose to reuse a box instead of buying new you are extending the lifecycle of the material. This reduces strain on natural resources like trees and water, and helps to reduce CO2 emissions by preventing any unnecessary manufacturing until the box is finally ready to be recycled at its true end of life (when it can no longer be reused) and manufactured back into a box again.

Where do the used boxes come from?

We buy from large sites across the UK that unpack goods in volume and no longer require the boxes that contained the products. These boxes are flattened and palletised at which point we collect them, sort them for quality at our HQ in Birmingham and then send them out to customers who buy cardboard boxes online via our website, over the phone or by email.

What can I expect?

Used boxes normally have some tape on them, but not excessive amounts. This can easily be taped over without any problems. Some boxes may include a label, which can be labelled over. If a box includes a label this will be visible in the photo on each product page on this website. Some boxes are printed and some are plain – again, this will be shown on the photograph of the box. Your boxes will arrive on a wooden pallet, either from our own Sadlers transportation or a trusted third party courier.

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

Those who are looking for sustainable packaging solutions including recycled cardboard boxes should first look to cardboard box reuse as it’s recycled, recyclable and doesn’t involve any polluting processes.

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