The packaging buyer’s guide to cardboard boxes

21 September 2021

The packaging buyer’s guide to cardboard boxes

Are you responsible for buying packaging at your company? How often do you shop around for the best deals? Do you think about waste and environmental harm? Buying packaging can be complex if you sell a range of products or need to source interesting, unique and bespoke packaging. But for the outer boxes let us take the burden away - we'll show how you can buy cheap boxes that save the planet all from one place.

Where to buy cheap cardboard boxes

If cost savings are at the top of the agenda then look no further than used cardboard boxes. Sadlers specialise in taking second hand boxes produced in manufacturing and other industries and channelling them towards SMEs who need affordable and convenient cardboard packing boxes. Perfectly placed between the producer and the customer, we hand-sort the boxes for quality control purposes and sell them on at low prices. The same applies to the surplus boxes we sell which usually come under new boxes. Those new boxes listed on the website at low prices are probably redundant boxes; ones we’ve rescued to be resold.

Where to buy eco-friendly packaging

Our methods are truly circular – we enable used cardboard boxes to be reused on a large scale. This pushes waste so far up the waste hierarchy it’s no longer actually classed as ‘waste’! The circular economy is at the heart of what we do. It’s a sustainable business with a passion for materials reuse. Buying used cardboard boxes prevents the need for the manufacture of brand new boxes which uses vast quantities of water, trees and fuel while generating CO2 emissions. This is totally avoided when you use Sadlers boxes.

So now you can see, cost and environmental concerns can be addressed equally by buying surplus and used packaging.